Angel De Mi Vida

The stories of the population with disabilities always walk on the edge of melodrama. It is unavoidable. Whether they are stories of overcoming, gazes from a misunderstood group, or an atmosphere of fairness, there is always that cloying sweetness that clouds the power of their drama.On this occasion, the effort of a special child to show his athlete father that he can have the same achievements and be a great champion, focuses the limitation on his father, who is not capable of accepting him in his condition. Basically a disability to love.Junior Polo’s acting effort deserves attention, as he embodies a boy with a cognitive disability. The story invites us to overcome family barriers, a discourse of acceptance and the possibility of a harmonious world between our human imperfections. A pity that its ending does not provide so much credibility.

Duration: 90 min



IMDb: 5.9